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Boxybae was born, raised and made with love in the City of Freedom 🏙. Founded in 2019, we pride ourselves on only share what we use ourselves. We create Better, Safer beauty products for our daily routines. We make sure all ingredients use are Non-Harmful 🧪, Effective and Gentle before sharing them with you, Baes 😊.
We love receiving gift and so we make sure all our products are nicely box-ed 🎁 and when you get it for yourself you'll feel the same excitement unboxing it🥰.
Of course, it's a perfect Gift too 🎁.


What Does 'Bae' Mean?

'Bae' mean 'Before Anyone Else',
a babe
a bf/gf
a spouse
a lover
a crush
a sweet heart
a baby
That's how we address our Baes, No customers only Baes.

Our Tagline:

"Unboxing Your Beauty, Endlessly"
Have fun trying out our products made for YOU, baes! And thanks for being a part of Bae community. 😘