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The Hidden Dangers Of Commercial Lash Serum

The Hidden Dangers Of Commercial Lash Serum

Is Your Lash Growth Serum Causing Lasting Damage?

How big Is the lash market? The results of a survey showed 75% of women age 18-65 want longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. It was that kind of overpowering demand from market research that drove companies to produce lash serum which promises to significantly change lash length, thickness, and darkness within few weeks of use.

Prostaglandin - BaexLash

What is Prostaglandin? Prostaglandin are kind of lipids derived from fatty acids. Sounds harmless, right? And that's how manufacturers of eyelash growth products get to say their products are all-natural. Protaglandin analogues are a mainstay in the treatment of glaucoma, an eye disease. Somewhere along the line, it was discovered that there was a happy side effect to this treatment: eyelash grew like weeds. In fact, the FDA-studied side effect profile in their formulations. Statements from companies claiming that they "contain no active medical ingredients" make things all the more confusing for potential patients trying to do their due diligence if they know they have a previous diagnosis of dry eye or are at increased risk. 

But what is the real price of longer lashes? Most commercial lash serum has a well-documented side effect potential. These lash serum has been associated with common symptoms of inflammation around the eyes like swollen lids, redness, itching, and watering. In addition to chronic irritation, these lash serum has also been known to darken the eyelid skin and discolor of the iris, as well as causing a sunken eye appearance by shrinking the layers of orbital fat around the eye socket. 

It's easy to brush off eye irritation as no big deal, but ocular surface dysfunction and chronic dry eye can take a permanent and lasting toll on your vision quality and ocular comfort. By promoting inflammation on the ocular surface, prostaglandin analog can disrupt tear film production and expression at all layers. Inflammation also promotes thickening of the oil secretion (meibum) expressed by the meibomian glands that run vertically through our top and bottom eyelids and are responsible for secreting the essential top oil layer of our tear film!

Every time we blink, the meibomian glands secrete their oil. If that oil is too thick, it's difficult for the eyelids to spread it evenly over the surface of the eye, more like toothpaste than olive oil. It may even get so thick that the oil blocks and backs up in the gland. This will slowly but surely damage the glands permanently. If the meibomian glands atrophy or die off, the body is not able to repair the tissue and the gland becomes permanently nonfunctional. The result is irreversible and often causes severe dry eye. 

What's gotten more serious than the possible risk of permanent and irreversible dryness and ocular surface damage by these lash serum is the financial cost. At around RM150 on average with 3ml to 6ml which can last less than 6 months isn't cheap. 

Why BaexLash? I (founder) have acne and sensitive skin personally so I'm very aware on every ingredients contains in my skin care. I've decided to start BaexLash because I can't find a safe and affordable eyelash serum in the market. I gather all the ingredient list that have no side effects and combine them together and tested it for a year among family and friends before launching it to the market. Although BaexLash may not have the effects as fast as those commercial ones but definitely safe for daily and long term use. 

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How do I know if there's a prostaglandin in my eyelash growth product? This isn't always easy as you won't find the word prostaglandin in the ingredients list. These eyelash growth actives are analogues of prostaglandin and can appear as an intimidating strong chemical. Here are some scientific name: Isopropanol Phenyl-hydroxy-pentene Dihydroxy-cyclopentyl-heptenate, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide, bitamoprost, Isopropyl Cloprostenate and many other name. If you are not sure just google all the ingredients. 

Take-Home: If you have a chronic dry eye, or experience any increase in redness, watering, or eye irritation using these products, understand that you may be causing permanent damage to your delicate tear film and ocular surface. Listen to your body and discontinue use immediately if you experience any symptoms. There is a major push within the medical community to have the FDA put stronger regulations on beauty products that are using chemicals with known side effects without disclosing the risks involved, but regulation and oversight may be many years away.

Just because a product is over the counter, doesn't mean that it is safe. Make sure you read the ingredients closely on all cosmetics and facial products that you use, and if you spot 'prostaglandin' in any product you are using around your eyelid, consider that lasting dry eye issues could result as a side effect.

Truth About Mascara

Truth About Mascara

Mascara Weaken and Dry Out Eyelashes

The main culprit of moisture loss could be your own trusty tube of mascara. According to experts, it can incredibly drying and weakening. That's why they suggest using serum-infused formulas. The good-for-lash ingredients will counteract and repair the damage done by other formulas. BaexLash is all natural, vegan, and harmful ingredient-free, and its power-packed with vitamins that will repair and enhance lashes in a little as 4 weeks. 

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*It's important to use natural ingredients lash serum than using a normal eyelash growth serum that focuses on growing lashes and not repairing them. This will make your weaken lashes worst with all the harmful chemicals.  

BAEXLASH | Best Selling Eyelash Serum

Lash Serum Restores the Moisture Your Mascara Took Away

Moisture is the key to healthy lashes, just like it's the key to healthy skin. Without it, eyelashes are prone to breakage ( which is exactly what you don't want when trying to channel your inner no-makeup confidence).

"Always remove mascara before going to bed. Sleeping in mascara can cause breakage and possible eye infection. And apply BaexLash like natural eyelash serum before bed!"

Removing Mascara Causes Eyelash Fallout

While losing eyelashes isn't exactly dangerous, it is still a huge bummer. When removing mascara from your eyelashes, the two most important things to remember is to be gentle and use a gentle remover. Instead of rubbing your eyes aggressively - we've all been there - try placing a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover over your eye, holding it in place for a moment for it to melt, before gently wiping it away. 

Always apply eyelash serum - BaexLash to moisturize and protect your lash hair from protein loss and damage from mascara right before bedtime. In return for fewer eyelashes falling out as well as prepping the lash area with nutrients to grow new stronger lashes.

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Eyelashes?

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Eyelashes?

BaexLash made of Coconut Oil


It's no wonder that coconut oil has become a staple in health and beauty products given its many proven benefits. From moisturizing and protecting your skin and hair to having antimicrobial and antifungal properties, the many benefits of coconut oil may extend to your eyelashes, too. 

Is Coconut Oil Good For Eyelashes? 

Human studies show that virgin coconut oil is safe for use around the eyes. Along with being safe to use in this delicate area, coconut oil can work double duty and provide benefits not just for your eyelashes, but also the skin around your eyes. 

Eyelash Serum

1. Stronger Lashes

Coconut oil contains fatty acids, mainly lauric acid, which appears to help coconut oil be more easily absorbed by the hair shaft, according to research. This may be why coconut oil appears to provide better and longer-lasting protection compared to other oils.

One study found that applying coconut oil to hair before and after washing your face or removing eye makeup protected your lashes from damage by reducing protein loss. 

Pure & Natural Eyelash Serum

2. Protection Against Bacteria

Microbial organisms are naturally present on your eyelashes and have the potential to cause bacterial and fungal infections. Medium-chain fatty acids, such as those found in coconut oil, have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can protect against them. Lauric acid has the greatest antibacterial activity of all medium-chain fatty acids.

Applying coconut oil to your eyelashes and the skin around them may protect you from skin infections, including folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicles.

This is really good news for people who wear mascara. The microbes on your eyelashes have the potential to contaminate your mascara, especially if you use the same tube of mascara for more than three months, according to a study. 

The pilot study examined the microbial growth of two brands of mascara used every day for three months and found microbial growth in 36.4 percent of the tubes. They found various organisms, including Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus species, and fungi.

Pure & Natural Eyelash Serum

3. Fuller Lashes

Coconut oil is able to moisturize and protect hair from protein loss and damage. Assuming that these benefits also extend to eyelash hair, this could result in fewer eyelashes falling out so your lashes appear thicker and fuller.

This is a reason why we add in Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil into BaexLash - Eyelash Serum. We want to make sure all the ingredients are effective and safe at the same time. Get your BaexLash at www.shopboxybae.com today!